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Friday, March 12, 2021

Morning Twilight

Today I woke up at night 3:36 AM and waited at home having a coffee and a few biscuits...After Fajr (dawn) prayers I went to Usfasgandu and the east was slowly going orange...It's the morning twilight of this Friday...


Allah Akbar...Allah is great...

(Location : Usfasgandu...Date : Friday 12 March 2021...Time : 5:31 AM...Part of the day : Dawn...Weather : Rain Like...Temperature : Cool )

Friday, November 4, 2016

Dawn near Children's Garden

Today is Friday 4 November 2016 and it's now early morning 5:55 AM...I woke up today at 3 AM and after having a smoke prayed the Isha prayers in my room and waited...After praying the dawn prayers in Shaheed Ali Mosque I had breakfast in K-Mart cafe' near my home and than bought a cigarette pack in New Chain shop in Sosun Magu...Than I had another coffee with eggs in K-Mart and went to near Children's Garden and took these photos and selfies...Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dawn in Artificial Beach

It's now 6:00 AM of 20 Ramallan 1437, 25 June 2016...It's dawn for Male'...I was near the sea wall of Artificial Beach and took photos of the breaking waves of Raalhugandu...Allah Akbar...Allah is great...