Wednesday, November 23, 2016

ReadNotify e-mail tracking

It's now 4:21 PM early evening of Wednesday 23 November 2016...ReadNotify ( ) is an e-mail tracking service I found in early 2010...I haven't used it in a long time because I don't send much e-mails...There are now many e-mail tracking services in the internet...ReadNotify is I think the best and the most experienced and the oldest...If you send an e-mail to and you want to track it using ReadNotify you have to add like this to the end of the e-mail...ReadNotify has basic yearly and premium package...Also a monthly package with all the features of the premium package is available for 3.99 USD and I renewed my subscription to this package a moment ago...I first used a service called WorldPay in Readnotify but that failed and I used my PayPal account to pay...I send an important e-mail to the officers and departments of Maldives Police Service...The e-mails of Police uses proxy servers based in the United States for security reasons and when an e-mail arrives the computers at Police goes to alert and they open it almost instantly in a few second or minutes but sometimes hours later...These are my computer screen shots as I renewed my subscription at ReadNotify and send the e-mails and some of the tracking reports...Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :)

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