Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday noon in the east beach of Villimale'

Today is Friday 9 December 2016...This noon around 10:30 AM I went to Villimale' ( Villingili ) with my close old friend Mohamed Shafeeq and because his wife's family is preparing for a very special occasion...After having egg curry with roshi and a black coffee in Blue Harbor Cafe' near Villimale' Health Centre, I went to the east beach of Villimale' near the abandoned residence of Maldives Police Service...I took photos on the beach starting here and went towards the aged ruined buildings...I than took photos from the east point and walked on the white sandy beach to south wards taking photos and selfies...Today is a beautiful day with no rain and clear sky with bright sun shine but it's not very hot although I was a bit sweaty because of the sun light...I took photos and selfies till the south east edge and projection of the beach...While I took the photos I remembered my days in Villimale' while I was in NSS Police in 1996...From 6 June 1996 till 6 August 1996 I was based in Villimale' Police of NSS...I remembered the accidental incident I had of alerting the monitoring computer node in NSS while I was in Villimale' in 1996...Now it's been 20 years...Read that story in ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :)

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