Sunday, January 22, 2017

Reefside show room

Both my ear phones is damage and unusable so I talked and convinced my mother to buy me a new Sony brand ear phone...I found that Sony ear phone's sound quality is excellent...A little while ago I bought a new in ear Sony ear phone for 470 MVR from Reefside's Sony show room in Orchid Magu..First I listened to the Holy Quran Sura Al-Fathiha to test the ear phone...The sale's men at Reefside show room told me that all the ear phone's have been sold and out of stock and only the display item is available...I told them to sell the ear phone on display and they agreed...It was sort of magenta colored...Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :) ...(Location : Reefside show room...Date : Sunday 22 January 2017...Time now : 5:28 PM...Part of the day : Early evening...Weather : Sunny...Temperature : Cool )

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