Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sun rise time on the skating ramp of Artificial Beach and winks

It's now 6:51 AM morning of Thursday 12 January 2017...This is the very first photos I tried to take with winks ( that's closing one eye )...I took these photos on the skating ramp of Artificial Beach...The sun rise for Male' was 6:15 AM local time ( 1115 Hours UTC or Coordinated Universal Time or Green which Mean Time , GMT )...The weather is nice although there was a little rain last night...I didn't sleep last night and took a coffee in Asda Cafe' which is on the road to STELCO Canteen and they managed STELCO Canteen before...I prayed the dawn prayers in my room after taking a quick wash of my body...Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :


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