Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Fake Facebook® accounts created using my emails

Yesterday late evening, I noticed that two Facebook® fake accounts have been created using two of my very old emails...The Facebook® account "Luquman Thawfeeg" has my email : nahyz@yahoo.com and the Facebook® account "Ahmed Fathy" has my email : nahyz@hotmail.com and these are my very first and oldest emails created 16 yeas ago in 2002 and which I don't use regularly...The fake account "Ahmed Fathy" has the profile picture of the Facebook® page I created in 2012 for my all time favorite Maldivian singer and musician Ahmed Fathy but I had already deleted that page...I have taken control over these two fake Facebook® accounts and the account "Ahmed Fathy" has been deactivated by me and the other account "Luqman Thawfeeg" has been blocked for identity verification...Early last year one of my Facebook® accounts was hacked and I got control of that account and had now deactivated that account...This year also one of the two main accounts I keep in Facebook® had been hacked and I am taking as much precautions to stay safe in Facebook®...My Instagram account was hacked for a long time and it's only late last year I noticed it... There is nothing much I can do about these impostors who are abusing me in the internet... :) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location : Male'...Date : Tuesday 26 June 2018...Time : 4:52 PM...Part of the day : Early evening...Weather : Sunny...Temperature : Warm )

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