Monday, June 4, 2018

Resubmitted my book for file review

CreateSpace® temporarily suppressed my book for a while for validation of copyright material and yesterday midnight they verified the authenticity of my book and I hold the copyright of the manuscript of my book after I proved them that it's I who had written it online in my 3 blogs ( and and ) and they released the suppression ...I removed the story from all these 3 blogs...My book is called "Military Computer Alert"...Most of last night I spent all the time fixing and correcting the manuscript of my book...A little while ago I resubmitted (this time a PDF) my book for file review in CreateSpace® of the corrected and fixed copy...I used a free online tool called Grammarly® to correct the grammatical mistakes and about 142 errors were fixed of the about 9000 words in my book...I am trying my best to self-publish my book in this holy month of Ramallan...:) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location:Male'...Date : Monday 20 Ramallan 1439 / 4 June 2018...Time : 6:40 PM...Part of the day: Night...Weather : Nice...Temperature : Cool and very pleasant )

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