Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Google Play Books Partner Center™

A delightful thing happened earlier this morning and when I was fasting...After I have finished uploading the photos of how I had published my book to Kindle™, and when I was resting on my bed, I received an email from Google Play Books Partner Center™ (which is not yet available in Maldives) on a promotion for a one time registration in Google Books Partner Program™ where I had registered to be notified once it's available in Maldives...I immediately registered in it and uploaded a copy in PDF of my book "Military Computer Alert" and my account had to be approved by Google® after  review...When I checked back when it was nearing to the Maghrib prayer call and breaking of fast, my account has been approved and my book was live for preview...I set the preview availability date till 20 October 2018, and if I am alive till that time, it will be my 42 birthday...Now people in eligible countries where Google Books™ and Google Play Books™ are available can preview my book and buy it from Amazon® or Amazon Kindle™ ....How wonderful I was allowed to do this in this holy blessed month of Ramallan 1439 ... :) ... Allah Akbar...Allah is great...(Location : Male'...Date : Wednesday 22 Ramallan 1439 / 6 June 2018...Time : 6:55 PM...Part of the day : Night...Weather : Cloudy...Temperature : Cool and very pleasant )

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