Friday, January 24, 2020

Dinner in Banana Leaf

I thank my old friend Shiyaz Adam a lot for this and I see this as a dinner treat he gave me for the new year.

Last year I had promised my old friend Azey Azmath that I will one day/night visit his restaurant and have either lunch or dinner. Last night my close neighbor friend Zaeem gave me a ride to Dhiraagu Head Office and I visited her (Dhiraagu) to check on mobile numbers which I had used before but now not available to me any more. Again I want to write and be grateful to my old friend Shiyaz Adam very much and I treat this as a dinner offering by him for me to celebrate this new year.

Some people who are not known well to me are abusing me on the internet by registering my old disconnected numbers which I held many years ago and trying to hack my computer systems and online systems.

For example and a demonstration to prove that I am not telling lies, look at this Dhiraagu Postpaid number 7966092 which is the first ever mobile postpaid number I registered and used in Dhiraagu 11 years ago in 2009. When I search Dhiraagu web portal e-directory it says the registrant as "Dummy_psk_seq, Building,State,City Name" and when I SMS query 131 it says "To be registered". Now the Dhiraagu e-directory search is showing "To Be Registered".

I think Dhiraagu has updated her database (mostly likely Oracle® as I noticed that Dhiraagu uses very expensive software and equipment some of which are very advanced for a small country like our beloved Maldives. This I came to realize when my superior Hassan Niyaz who was as an engineer than and now still he works in Dhiraagu, and he sent me to Earth Station to meet Fayaz to check on a database and it was a Oracle® database) when I complained to her. She is excellent as always for the protection of her customers.

I noticed that the number 7966092 has been added to my Facebook® Business portal by someone and I removed that and sent an email to Dhiraagu. Her(Dhiraagu) response was very good.

In year 2018 there were fake Facebook® accounts created using my emails and . See this blog post:

I ate beef and naan, the Indian food was very delicious in Banana Leaf. It was very fresh and hot too...

Thank you old friends Shiyaz Adam and Azey Azmath.

Allah Akbar...Allahs is great...

(Location: Banana Leaf...Date: Thursday 23 January 2020...Time: 8:52 PM...Part of the day: Night...Weather: Nice and pleasant...Temperature: Cool)

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