Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New smart phone

This is the first ever time in my life I got a new year present. Today noon when it was close to noon prayer my father gave me a new Samsung Galaxy A70 phone with Android 9.0 (Pie).

I will keep my old Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with me for back up purposes and a replacement. It was given to me in April 2013.

The first photo I took was my holy Quran with Dhivehi translation.
The first thing I listened to was Surah Al Fathiha recitation by Mahmood Khali Al Hussary.

The photos were very beautiful in this new phone. It's very clear.
I was lying on my bed when I took the first selfie mode photo of myself. The other selfies were taken in Usfasgandu.

Alhamdhu Lilaahi Rabil Aalameen. Praise be to Allah lord of the worlds.

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