Monday, February 20, 2017

Thank you IGMH and ADK Hospital

I haven't heard from IGMH for now about a month and there may not be a review of my laboratory tests, X-Ray, ECG, and Doppler Echo Cardiography reports...The National Cardiac Center at IGMH told me that will call but I haven't heard from them for weeks now...I want to thank my doctors at IGMH and ADK Hospital whom I consulted during last year 2016 and January 2017... Here are their names, titles, and departments :
** IGMH Staff **
* National Cardiac Centre
- Dr. Ali Shafeeq
- Dr. Mujeeb Ahamed MD, PGDCC
* Department of laboratory medicine
-- Pathology
- Dr. Shimal Thasneem
- Dr. Milza A. Muhusin
- Dr. Merina Rajbhandari
-- Biochemistry
- Dr. Zeba-Un-Naher
-- Microbiology
- Dr. Tanjida Shilpi
** ADK Hospital Staff **
* Department of Psychiatry
- Dr. KV BhasKar
* Department of Internal Medicine
- Dr. Sharad
* Department of Cardiology
- Dr. Prateek Singh Bhadauria MBBS MD

All thanks are to Allah the most merciful...Allah Akbar...Allah is great... :)

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